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From an early age, Arno Rudolf's passion in life has always been thoroughbred racing and he has successfully managed to intergrate this with other passion in life, his business.

Recognising that slow payers have always been a problem in racing, for over 25 years now AR Legal Collections has been working with individuals and organisations throughout the racing industry. 

Arno has managed to create a niche and over the years has built up a solid reputation becoming the go-to company for all matters relating to debt recovery and credit control in racing.  

Let Arno's expierence work for you

  • We can recover your exsisting debts on an amicable basis enabling you to maintain relationships with your clients
  • We can put in place a regular credit control processes to reduce overdue debts
  • We can trace individuals
  • We can recover overseas debts 
  • We can research limited company assets
  • We can undertake credit checks on limited companies and individuals
  • We can recover any debt that is there to be recovered.  

Our fees are calculated on a "no collection, no fee" basis so you only get charged when we are successful.  

For more information, free initial advice or a general discussion, please contact us on +44 (0)20 8202 0730.



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