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What type of debts do you collect?

We undertake debt collection for a variety of clients, both corporate and individual across a wide range of industries.

Do you request upfront fees when you take on a debt collection case?

No. Unlike many debt collection agencies we do not require any upfront fees nor are there any upfront charges when we take on a debt collection case. There are no hidden charges.

How much experience have you of debt collection?

The practice has been established for over 25 years during which time we have undertaken a vast amount of successful debt collection cases.

How successful are you in collecting debts?

Collecting debts successfully depends on a number of factors including the type of debt, the age of the debt and the profile of the debtor. We will consider all these issues when we receive an instruction to collect the debt so that we can give you a realistic assessment at the outset of the likelihood of us being able to successfully collect the debt. However we consider the fact that we have been collecting debts successfully for clients for a number of years is testament to our success rate.

What is your approach to collecting debts?

The art of collecting a debt is to understand the nature of the debt and the debtor. This dictates the approach that we adopt with the debtor. For example it is often the case that a client will instruct us to collect a debt from a customer with whom they wish to continue their business relationship. In these circumstances we would adopt a sensitive approach. In the event that there is no longer any commercial relationship between the client and the debtor then we would take a far more direct approach to collecting the debt.

What methods do you use to collect a debt?

There are various different approaches. However we adopt a commercial approach to the debt collection process and will seek to recover your debt as quickly as possible. We are experienced in the full range of legal procedures that are available to collect from a debtor. It is always our approach to try to avoid court proceedings and litigation if at all possible, although sometimes court proceedings are unavoidable.

Can you collect overseas debts?

Yes. We have successfully collected debts for clients in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa. We have connections with lawyers and debt collection companies in a number of countries and collaborate with them where appropriate to collect debts abroad.

If I instruct you to collect the debt will I receive regular reports on the progress of the debt collection process?

We will keep you fully updated at each stage of the progress. Where we are instructed to collect debts on an ongoing basis you will receive a regular report in a form that suits you. 

How long will it take to collect my debt?

The time it takes to collect a debt depends very much on the type of debt. However we pride ourselves on commencing the debt collection process as soon as we receive an instruction from a client and pursuing the claim to a conclusion as quickly as possible.

Will I be able to discuss my debt collection matter with you?

Yes. When we receive an instruction to collect a debt you will have a dedicated and expierenced member of the team working with you throughout the process.   



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