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Debt Tracing

Debt tracing is the first step for an individual or a business to take, to try to recover money owed. Collecting a debt means it is essential to find the person or business that owes the money. Although this may sometimes prove difficult, especially if someone has moved house, the development of the internet has made accessing information for debt tracing easier than it used to be.

The most important thing to remember when you want to find UK debtors, is to provide as much information as you can to your debt collectors. Debt tracing can be made harder if the debtor has a history of bad debts. Your debt collectors will be highly experienced at tracking down elusive bad debtors, and will use a variety of techniques to ensure they are found as quickly as possible.

Essential Information for debt tracing, are addresses and telephone numbers. Even if the debtor has left a last known address, and the telephone is not in use any more, they are an important starting point for your tracing agent to build up a picture of the bad payer. If you are able to provide the details of a former employer, or you have other useful insights, especially if you have had a business relationship with the person, make sure these are passed on to your agent.

Debt tracing uses a variety of sources and techniques, and using a professional tracing service that is a licensed UK Debt Collector will help to move the debt collection process on quickly and efficiently. Debt recovery is a specialist profession, and AR Legal Collections have many years of experience at tracking down non-payers, offering a No Collection No Fee service for your financial peace of mind.

For more information, free initial advice or a general discussion, please contact AR Legal Collections on +44 (0)20 8202 0730.


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